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Thread: Luna UKEBASSHT High Tide Bass ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kohanmike View Post
    I played rhythm guitar for almost 50 years and was often told I should play bass because I had good rhythm and feel, but I didn't like the cumbersomeness of a large electric bass, forget a giant standup bass. Then 5 years ago the leader of my uke group asked if anyone would like to take up the bass to fill in our sound, I discovered the U-bass and other small basses and went for it. Having a very strong case of gear acquisition syndrome, I'm now up to 25.
    Sorry, I meant, why not a 20" scale?
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    Quote Originally Posted by maki66 View Post
    Sorry, I meant, why not a 20" scale?
    They're actually 20.75" scale, so I round up to 21 inches. I've noticed that on many instruments, the scale is slightly different than what's listed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie View Post
    You're learning to play bass? Fabulous!
    Or have you played bass before?

    I'd steer clear of Luna ukes. I Don't know anything about their guitars, but my experience with Luna was dismal. They care about looks, not playability, and have been known to sell things with warped necks, etc.

    I think I'd choose the lightest weighing amp you can find! Lugging weight is no fun.
    My local group has lost our main bass player, though we have a few others that can play bass, they aren't always available, and you can really tell when the bass is missing. So...
    No. I have never seriously tried to play bass, just flirted with some Ubasses. I did play guitar however, so learning ukulele and bass is somewhat easier .
    I went for the lightest decent [ but pricey] bass amp I could find, a PJB double 4. It sounds great, and when I crank it up and use a preamp [my mikro has passive pickups] it's pretty darn loud. I can feel the vibrations from our wooden floor through my bare feet. I can also line out to my big, heavy amp for more volume if I have to. I tried it and it really boosts the volume. Did I mention the discounted double 4 I got off MF is red, just like the bass?
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    Strumsilly - did you go ahead and buy the Luna High Tide bass uke? If so then how do you rate it?
    I was looking at exactly that model - I want steel strings not polyurethane, I love the fret markings on the high tide range, and I'm a sucker for a sunburst finish!
    Unfortunately this model is difficult to find in the UK so I haven't been able to try one, never mind buy one!
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