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Thread: Gap at the nut

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    That is a large gap but as I said prior if the intonation is OK the leave it.

    To check intonation:-

    Tune each string of the uke then put the tuner in Chromatic mode and see what the tuner says what each note is when you fret and play each string at the 12th.

    Come back with the results.
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    Depending on how much trouble you want to go to to resolve this, you can work out the required nut-to-first fret spacing with a bit of remedial mathematics.
    Measure the centre to centre spacing for frets 1 to 6 as accurately as you can (ignore the nut-to-first fret spacing) and tabulate the results. Measure the scale length (the nut end of the fret board to the string departure point on the the saddle) and, for a tenor, subtract about 2.5mm. This should give you an idea of the intended nominal scale length of your instrument.
    Using an online ukulele fret spacing calculator, start with the estimated scale length, then make adjustments up or down until the calculator's measurements match your recorded fret intervals. Hopefully, you will be able to get this down to around one decimal point of a millimetre (eyesight dependent).
    Once a match for your measured fret spacing is realized, the nut-to-first fret spacing will be shown on the calculator.

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    Lets say you have just accurately tuned the open strings on this ukulele. When you fret and play the first fret, the second fret and the third fret, are the notes in tune, going sharp or going flat?

    If the notes are in tune as you fret up the neck then do nothing. It looks to me like someone has made a simple yet inelegant fix of the intonation.
    If the notes are going sharp of flat up the neck then that's different and a fix may be in order but what fix depends on which way the intonation (sharp or flat) is going.

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