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Thread: Quietly practicing

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    Default Quietly practicing

    Any tips on how to practice quietly, without disturbing anyone reading, sleeping or watching TV?

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    Get a Risa stick?
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    I've heard of a suggestion of putting a sock under the strings to mute the noise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukebottom View Post
    Any tips on how to practice quietly, without disturbing anyone reading, sleeping or watching TV?
    SOFTLY hit the strings. I play a resonator, and even that can be quietly played. Most wooden ukes can be gently picked and strummed as to only be slightly audible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hanks View Post
    Get a Risa stick?
    Or any solid body. I've got a "Vox" solid body that I use and also take with me to hotels.
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    Weave a bit of card or plastic through the strings, down near the bridge should work.

    This subject comes up every now & again, a fair few will say get a solid body uke.
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    Gift your partner/roommate/whatever some good noise canceling headphones

    Or as others have said:
    Practice quiet techniques, mute, or get a (nylon string) solid body.

    Just make sure that what you practice is still relevant to your goal. Practice makes permanent, so it's counter productive to practice incorrectly. For quietish time I practice individual notes (fingerstyle, scales, arpeggios, etc) rather than normal strumming.

    Also consider white noise: a fan or air filter can cover low volume music so it's not as attention grabbing. My steel- string electric solid-body uke is quite audible played dry in the quiet house, but not so bad with fans on.

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    Play outside.
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    Buy a solid bodied uke.

    I practice more on my solid bodied electric Risa ST tenor than I do on my acoustic uke, I do not use an amp and headphones as the sound out of the uke is loud enough for me but anyone in the next room will not hear me.

    The other way is to join a uke group and have regular jam sessions you can move from meeting in each house to house or find a venue.

    Buy an RV and go out in the wilds.

    Or just say zzzzzz it, I am allowed a bit of me time here and there in the course of a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hanks View Post
    Get a Risa stick?
    This right here.

    My wife and I both have Risa Sticks. They are our "travel" ukes, particularly when staying in a hotel. They are loud enough (un-ampified) so that we can hear them but not so loud that they disturb neighbors.
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