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Thread: Only One Ukulele?

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    Default Only One Ukulele?

    I had a Rouge Baritone, BugsGear Concert, and an Outdoor Tenor. Gifted those away. The Outdoor Ukulele Carbon Soprano is now my only ukulele.

    How many here have only one ukulele? If so, what ukulele is it?

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    I have too many, and would likely trade them all in for a custom aNueNue Moon Bird Tenor if I could...
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    I couldn't limit myself to one. I'd have to insist that I have one wood instrument and then one travel/durable ukulele.

    And then you would have to make some magical things happen for me.

    I think I would want a KoAloha Sapele Opio Concert (I own the tenor version) as my wood instrument (but they don't make this any more), and then a concert sized Outdoor Ukulele (which they don't make).

    But the good news is that I don't have to make that decision!
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    Hmm, even though I don't play much just now, I would never get rid of my other ukes, though I mainly play just my long neck concerts, & on occasion, my giraffe neck soprano, & my long neck soprano........
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    I strive to be a one uke guy. Then I get another and another. Then I feel guilty and start getting rid of some until at some point I no longer feels guilty. Then I start looking for something new to own again. I realised I will never be a one uke guy. Now I strive to be a 3 ukes guy. I think I should be able to make it this time.
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    "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do..." Three Dog Night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YogiTom View Post
    I have too many, and would likely trade them all in for a custom aNueNue Moon Bird Tenor if I could...
    If I was forced to live with only one ukulele, it would be my Moon Bird Tenor. Fortunately, no one has ever held a gun to my head and told me to get rid of all the rest!


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    I play both linear and reentrant daily, so I would need at least 2 ukuleles.
    I have more than that, though, but I play them all regularly. I rarely just play one or two per day.

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    For 10 years I had one uke. A no-name bought from an antique store in the 1980s. I only played it occasionally; mountain dulcimer was my main axe... and that's stretching the truth because really I wasn't much of a musician at all. Months would pass when I never touched an instrument.

    In the 90s the bridge popped off. I went to the guitar store and bought the only uke they had -- cheap garbage. I might as well have wrapped a shoebox with rubber bands. It was that or travel to the one store in town that stocked Kamakas and pay a fortune. At that time I was only playing uke to amuse my toddler (whose rough handling of the old uke is implicated in the loss of the bridge) so investing in a quality instrument would have been absurd.

    Life happens, and around 1999 I decided I did indeed want to learn to play music at a measurable level of competence. And I wanted a new dulcimer. Searching for dulcimers online, I saw a report from NAMM about the Magic Fluke company and ukes that cost a manageable price and (reportedly) did not sound like wet cardboard. I ordered one (it is still my main player) and discovered, as only a clueless indifferent musician can discover, that a good-quality instrument makes a heck of a difference.

    Fluke became my one uke (the garbage laminate went to my son but he doesn't play it now, either). Then in 2007 there was an ad in the paper about a uke club, and I attended the first meeting, and suddenly I was playing and gigging weekly. And we were all playing each others' ukes. By this time the ukulele market had grown far beyond K-brand, garbage, Flukes or nothing. Banjo ukes are nifty. Resonators too. Warm-toned tenors, punchy sopranos, ringing cedar-topped concerts. I was discovering a whole new world of tone color -- after literally decades of not paying attention and not being a good-enough player to notice.

    So now, yes, I own several ukuleles. 8, maybe 10. Offhand I lose count and I'm not sure whether to count the garbage laminate or my first uke (which I believe could be fixed by anyone with the right adhesive and clamps, which is not me). Some ukes it is not clear whether they belong to me or my son (he claims the Werco banjolele and might be the true owner of the baritone but don't tell him I said that).

    Could I still get by with only my trusty Fluke? Sure. I can eat rice & beans all week. In fact, I love rice & beans (red beans with andouille, moros y cristianos, frijoles charros...) but I love other foods, too.

    Sorry to ramble on like this. You asked! I think any discussion about this needs to be understood in the context of each player's own personal journey and where they happen to be at this moment along the path. Someday I might become such a serious musician, with such a strong personal style and focus on one type of music, that I pick one perfect uke and that's the only one I'll want to play. Hasn't happened yet, might never happen, but the future is bright and unpredictable. Wherever you're at, more power to you.

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