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Thread: Interesting video about Petros ukulele

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    Too late! The spruce tenor (more expensive of the two) has sold!

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    I haven’t seen Corey drool over a Uke like he did with the spruce. That says A LOT to me on how good it must play and sound. I prefer the redwood and would never want all those designs on the spruce, but both sound fantastic. I am only guessing, but I bet a Red label is close and a black label can sound just as good. I just used those for examples, because of their prices compared. I was impressed by these two though, no doubt. Love when Kalei played “unknown”. Great call by Corey.

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    I can't for the life of me understand how they arrive at those prices. I also can't believe that they hold anywhere near that value going forward. I suppose if you have that sort of money to spend it doesn't matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kerneltime View Post
    Good to see high end builders get into ukulele making but I still struggle to find the justification for the price. Is the sound that much better the bling factor is higher on other ukes I have seen sell for less.. When I see a Beau Hannam or a Chuck Moore or Devine I can understand the work that has gone into it.. The binding from what I understand is unique to him and he has figured out a way to manufacture them (not hand made).
    I think the amount of work that goes into building a high end ukulele is about the same as a guitar. And custom luthiers like Petros are used to selling their guitars for such prices. Wouldn't be much motivation to sell an ukulele for less when the work involved is about the same as a guitar. For luthier made classical guitars $9000 is pretty typical and a bit on the lower price range of the high end.

    With that said, that spruce topped Petros is way too pimped for me at any price.

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    This one is the dream uke for me if it’s in concert scale. Sorry for the huge image size. Don’t know how to resize.
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    I admit to gasping when I saw the prices, but then again, those Moore Bettah auctions have gone higher than that.

    Beautiful sound. And, though it's not my style, the bling took a lot of work, and is part of the cost.

    The $9k one sold already, so though I think they're high priced, obviously there are those who are fine with that price range.

    It's great to see so many options in the ukulele world.

    Edited to add:
    Looks like they're both sold now! If anyone here got one, please do a NUD!
    I bet they're going to be a joy to play.
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