Every January and July (if I remember!) I like to remind people on the UU about the Mobius Strap, so here it is!

The Mobius Strap is a new kind of hands-free shoulder strap for the ukulele. No modifications to your instrument are needed. No strap buttons or other attachments are necessary. Its unique, patented design holds any size ukulele comfortably and securely and frees both hands for any playing technique. Once installed, using the strap becomes as easy as using a traditional guitar-style strap.

It puts no stress on the instrument's neck and is reversible for left-handed players. It easily attaches and detaches and rolls up for storage in your case or gig bag pocket.

Straps are hand-made in Santa Barbara, California of soft, durable polypropylene webbing with no metal parts. Easy-to-follow instructions are included and straps come with a money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction.

For complete purchase information, including on-line use instructions and videos of the strap in use, please visit the link in my signature below.

PLEASE NOTE: Your ukulele must have a waist to use the Mobius Strap and some metal-bodied instruments may be too "bottom heavy" to balance properly.

Thanks for your interest! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!