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Thread: Fs blackbird clara concert $1400

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    Default Fs blackbird clara concert $1400

    FThis concert size Blackbird Clara has the new 2018 bracings. It has a MiSi pickup, side fret markings and a radius fretboard. if ordered there is a 5 week wait time and this one would cost $1840. Blackbird Clara ukuleles are made of Ekoa-a biobased linen composite structurally superior to the gold standard: vintage old growth wood.
    Clara’s double tap soundboard is highly consistent, unlike wood, and tuned for the ideal rigidity and density with minimal bracing. Exceptional tone is nuanced and complex because the Ekoa is a natural material. A hollow neck resonance chamber enhances projection sustain The one piece body/neck/head composite construction is rugged and weather stable offering a worry free ownership experience. This includes a Gator soft case and a single strap button. Buyer to pay shipping. If interested, please PM me.
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    Do you have any photos of the Uke?

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