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Thread: Do ukes have bad days?

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    My uke plays all the right notes but not always in the right order
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    This happens to me all the time. Playing the same ukes, same place. Same way. Usually when one uke sounds different, they all do. Some days they sound so alive and resonant, and other days they sound dead. The (bad) days only happen occassionally. the ukes still have quality sound, the difference is in the resonance.

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    I've been involved in this exact same discussion on another music forum discussing guitars. Its a universal experience.

    My perception of the sound of my ukuleles changes within the time period of a 2 hour session sitting in the exact same spot.

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    I find it really interesting that so many people have had the same experience. At least I now know that it's not just me.
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    If I'm tired and didn't sleep well the night before, most all of my ukes don't sound too good. The strings seem off. Or the tuners aren't holding the strings.

    But then again, my fingers aren't positioned quite right in the frets, and my thumb placement is a bit off. And my right hand index fingernail is catching on the strings a bit. ...

    Some days, one uke sound great, whilst another sounds off.

    My perception of their sound or action or the the strings do seem to change a bit from one day to another. Plus a ukulele I thought sounded great a year ago, doesn't quite cut it today. As my skills have improved, and I have acquired some very good instruments, some of the older mid-level ones just don't sound or play quite right. Yet others still hold their own very well.
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    Absolutely, yes! Like the others, I have put this down to a change in temperature and humidity. But there are definitely days when I think, "Man, this uke sounds so much better today than yesterday."

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    Yes. I have definitely noticed this. It almost seems like at certain times they sound higher pitched.
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    Absolutely yes, more times then I like, I call it fussy ear. Somedays I might prefer bright and punchy other days warm and mellow. I dapple in guitar and there are days when I am all about the steel string sounds and dont like the sound of nylon. Other days it is the opposite. Fortunately these extremes don't happen very often.

    Two lessons I have learned from this. Don't go immediately selling an instrument you think you are tired of and own LOTS of instruments. That way you can always find one to play that you like.
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    Make an appointment with your otolaryngologist. : )

    I've never experienced that, but I'll be on the lookout for it.
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    There is no question in my mind this happens. The ukulele, being a smaller sound board, can be susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature. Strings can make a huge difference. Are they broken in. Are they wearing out? The player, if tired etc all add to the experience.

    If I’m having one of those moments, I try another ukulele. If they all sound off I put them away and play later. Sometimes strings are just due to a change .

    I have also experienced this with guitar but to a much lesser degree. I thin size accentuates the situation.

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