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Thread: Returning to guitar - steel or nylon?

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    Personally I prefer steel string guitar. There are pieces that don't sound as good on nylon guitar.
    I used to play J.S. Bach's Bouree and Jesus Joy of Man Desiring, among other things, on steel strings and I thought it sounded great.
    You mentioned the ukulele sound. Have you considered getting a guitalele instead of a guitar?
    It has 6 strings and would be a nice transition between the uke and the guitar

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    Hey everyone

    Are nylons strings thinner on a guitar? One of my problems with my current steel string is the 43 mm width nut and accidentally catching an adjacent string with my fretting hand. I was looking at wider nuts for a nylon string in the 45-48mm range but surfing the local stores on the internet the only intersection of appropriate price and what i like is on a guitar with a 43mm nut.

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    Nylon strings—the trebles—are larger in diameter than the equivalent steel strings. However, if you prefer a thinner string on a classical guitar, use a light gauge fluorocarbon. They sound great and hold their pitch sooner than nylon. They are a wee bit brighter and less responsive to vibrato (so you need to compensate with a stronger left hand wobble).

    Standard classical nuts are 52mm but there are plenty of crossover models with 48mm nuts and a gentle radius (Kremona & Cordoba) if you need something smaller. I prefer a wider nut—55mm—so I can have plenty of room next to the first string so I don't pull it off the fret during bends, slides and pull-offs.

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    Are you saying the only intersection of price and specs you see for a nylon guitar is a 43mm nut? Are you looking at a full size guitar? I’ve never seen a nylon that small except for fractional guitars.

    As Peter mentioned the standard is 52mm and most crossover guitars are 48mm (but both vary). Nylon strings are thicker (carbon not as much as nylon) with less tension and have more movement when plucked. Thus they usually have higher action and wider necks but less tension.

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    Yes, it’s the fender cn60s. I am looking mostly at 3/4 and 7/8 models because I am intimidated by 50 and 52 mm nut. Widths.

    There are some really nice 46 and 48 mm models that are not in my price range. The number of shops and guitar range here is a little limited and I have been in to the stores so much trying 00 and travel size steel strings - to the point I got pointed comments from the staff - that I am a bit embarrassed to go back to look at nylons till I know what i want.

    I have commitment issues when it comes to instrument purchases :-) :-) :-)

    Do you know the model name/number of the Córdoba crossover? Thanks

    EDIT - darn it, I think I need to raise my budget.
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