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Thread: WTB: Kamaka 100 year anniversary Ren spooner Kamaka shirt

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    Post WTB: Kamaka 100 year anniversary Ren spooner Kamaka shirt

    I really like this shirt, I want one in any color in any condition( New or Pre-Owned). Size:L or XL. Willing to pay above market price. Thanks!!!
    I'm a Ukulele newbie, one day I'll make my Ukuleles proud.

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    just an fyi...
    new they went for $125
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    Quote Originally Posted by uketanzon View Post
    just an fyi...
    new they went for $125
    And for just $1000+ over market price, you can get Uketanzon's 100 year HF-1 and a cap to go with it!

    I sound like my wife: "for a SHIRT?" (insert "UKE"), LOL.

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