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Thread: Do you share?

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    Default Do you share?

    Do you share gear with your ukes, like cases, straps, tuners, gig bags, etc, or does each uke get its own set of duplicate accoutrements?
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    I use just the one tuner for everything, from zither via ukuleles, psaltery and mandolins to guitars, dulcimers and banjos. I nearly bought an auto-harp yesterday, but managed to resist!

    Each instrument has it's own strap, as necessary, many individually made for the specific instrument and all adjusted exactly to my requirements. Most instruments have their own plectrums (picks), I use a wide range, from thin nylon on a couple of my ukuleles to a fairly solid "wedge" on my bass guitar.

    Most instruments rarely leave the house, but, as and when, there's a few generic and a couple of specific bags and cases that get used as needed.
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    Apart from each uke having it's own gig bag, to keep it safe & clean, yes, everything else gets shared between them.
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    My ukes has their own straps, no reason to take them off and on all the time.
    I have a few electronic tuners, but they are not dedicated to specific ukuleles.
    Since I am a bit short on cases, some ukes share a bit depending on what I need. My three concert scale ukes share a gigbag and a hard case. Usually my Kamaka Tiki is stored in the hard case, the gigbag is used for which ever I want to bring somewhere.
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    Each ukulele has it’s own case and humidifier. Many of the cases are black but others are a color and if possible a hard case. The few that are in Fremont cases are due to size issues for the scale length, such as a 5 string with a bigger headstock, or a pineapple. About half have a tuner and I would prefer each having it’s own. This has made it easy always being able to have a tuner handy and if the battery goes. I don’t use a strap but if I did they would have their own for time saving and ease of use. For those critics remember each to their own. Happy strumming :-)
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    The only thing that the ukuleles share are tuners. (And me.)
    They each have their own case, strap, and humidifier.

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    Every uke is enclosed - from gigbag to hard shell case - but the hard cases might migrate between ukes. I found it easier to get several gigbags and one foam and one hard case in each size so I have something sturdy for travel.

    Straps are uke specific. All have their own wipedown cloth (usually old pajamas cut into squares). I use humidifiers in each in the winter and most are made from pill bottles. I share tuners. I have one uke stand and one iRig.
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    Each one of my ukes has a Sherrins strap, hard case, and humidifier. The exception is the Blackbird Clara, that lives in the Gator case that it came in, no humidifier. Each uke also has a soft gig bag. I have 2 tuners that move between gig bags and another one that stays in my office/music room.
    The Sherrins straps were picked to compliment each ukes look or personality.
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    Each of mine has its own micro tuner on the headstock, but that's more for convenience than anything else, so I can just pick up and play instead of going looking for one. Everything else gets shared
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    Each uke has its own strap that is removed if the uke goes in a hard case.

    I keep my ukes in humidified rooms. But if I'm gone for a few weeks, they all go in separate cases.

    Tuners are shared. And I have one UkeKrazy foam case that I carry the uke I'll be playing at my uke club or a gig.

    I keep a humidifier or humidifier pack in each case.
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