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    Hello from Joshua Tree, well nearby there anyway and thanks for the forum. I really appreciate the wealth of information people have taken the time share. I learn something new every time I log on.
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    Welcome Dougbias!

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    Welcome to the UU Forum. Lots of learned folks here. Good spot for uke players of all levels.
    Joshua Tree is my favorite national park. A magical place, indeed. Lucky you! :-)
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    Welcome Doug. I retired at 62, seven years ago. I decided to make the uke my retirement hobby when I joined a uke group of about 50 out of the Culver City Senior because they meet twice a week. Keeps me nice and occupied preparing for each session and the gigs we do often, especially when I started playing bass uke, for which I do my own arrangements. I played guitar for almost 50 years so it was an easy transition to the ukulele.

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    Welcome Dougbias!

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