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Thread: Season 391: Sowing Seeds of Joy

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    The 19th century was a time of migration when millions of people left Europe for a new life often thousands of miles away. Sometimes the migration was forced, sometimes it was because conditions at home had become intolerable for one reason or another - famine, revolutions, persecution all drove people away. Sometimes it was simply looking for a better life. In the process people left loved ones behind and would never see them again. At that time with travel being slower and hazardous, migration was for most people irrevocable.

    I found this 19th century broadside browsing the Bodleian Library Broadsides website. It reflects that migration was irrevocable but, all the same some communication was possible, it was possible to hear from one's former home even though communication took much longer then. The words fit perfectly with the traditional tune "Dives and Lazarus" which has been used for a number of folk songs so that's what I've set it to (Broadsides rarely included music but did, in earlier times suggest a popular tune of the day. By the 19th century even that had stopped.)
    Geoff Walker

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    Default Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear

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    I can't think of much else that brings as much joy as a good dog.

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    Season 391. Submission 1. "For Baby (For Bobbie)" (This was the fourth song ever written by John Denver. It was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary in 1966, John Denver in 1972 and several other artists.)

    Thank you so so much for hosting, Kelly, and for your fine theme. There's always room for more seeds of joy.

    Tenor ukulele and vocal here for me.

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    Here’s a song that lifts me whenever I hear it. I hope it does the same for you all!

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    What's so joyful about this song? I don't know, but my wife and I watch a Britcom called "Mum," and "When I'm Gone" is the theme song. Every time I hear it, it makes me happy. If my rendition doesn't put a smile on your face, check out Anna Kendrick's video. Happiness guaranteed!

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    I am enjoying the act of learning about so many songs that are new to me this week.

    By the way, if I miss adding any videos to the playlist just let me know so I can correct it.

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    Excellent theme to put some energy into after a few particularly trying weeks. Anyway, I learned this from the little kids at school, who sang it every day at lunch. Not much more joyous than a bunch of kids singing just to sing...except I think this must have been written about a dog.

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