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Thread: Red oak/ white oak

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    I purchased some QS Red Oak for a tenor from a fellow forum member. The wood arrived today, and I like the looks a lot. I'm thinking of turning the halves of the back so the knot "eyes" are incorporated into the body of the uke. I repackaged the pieces without all the tape and shrink wrap, and I'm going to keep it flat in my shop for a while to let it acclimate. I probably have another two months of work to finish my current twin uke project at the rate I'm going.

    I saw Beau Hannam demonstrating a CA pore filling method in a video. I think I'll take a piece of scrap from this wood and experiment with that once I start the build. I'm not planning to completely level the pores, but just give a good base to the final finish.

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    Glad your wood arrived safe and well. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up with it one day.

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    Biking today and saw some sections of a log sitting for the taking. Picked them up later and noticed that they were already dry. Split one and defects as you could expect but enough wood to get a concert or two out of it. Mainly firewood though.

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