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Thread: Audio recording: iPad vs Mac Book Pro

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    Default Audio recording: iPad vs Mac Book Pro

    Hi all, I would like to record vocals and ukulele into my iPad Pro or on a new MacBook Pro. I looked at a couple videos online about the iRig and the iPad. But not sure the sound quality is there. I am also trying to understand the difference, if any, between using the PreSonus Audio Box into the iPad vs the MacBook. I like that it seems easy to get a mic and instrument plugged in simultaneously.

    I guess my real questions are:
    1. Should I go for the more transportable iPad or go with the MacBook Pro— Is there an audio quality difference?
    2. What input device and interface are you using?
    3. I like ease of use, any comments about that?


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    The normal irig that uses a headphone jack makes a TON of unwanted noise. The iRig 2 or iRig Hd that uses the lightning port has SIGNIFICANTLY better sound (truly night and day) and can be used with either a phone, iPad, or Mac.

    The biggest thing to consider is whether you’re looking to record more than one signal at the same time. When I record acoustics that have pickups, I record both at the same time and that can’t be done on an iPad (that I know of). Personally, this is important to me because it saves time and guarantees that the two signals match as opposed to trying to play the same thing for another track.

    Also, despite the iPad being awesome, I find the Mac easier to use. It’s just more intuitive and there’s more help on the internet when you run into issues.

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