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Thread: Looking for a chart showing sheet music realtive to fretboard.

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    This is what I use for G4-C4-E4-A4 (Low G is G3):

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    I see all the replies but I am deciphering the OP as the person basically wants to learn to read. HAL LEONARD books IMHO are the best.

    Side note at 45 learning to read (music that is) doesn't interest me. I get a lot of joy with improvisation, tabs, and a lot of YouTube videos which many times correspond to the tabs. But to each is own.

    If I could go back in time when I was a kid I would say learn to read music when I had the chance in 2nd grade. Now I just want to play for my me time is limiting. The only time I was forced to learn to read is when I was playing the piano but that was short lived.
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    Learn the C major scale and the notes on the fretboard. On G string, that would be G, A, B. Then on C string, C, D. E string E, F, G. A string is A, B, C. ... ignore the notes above the fourth fret for now. Ignore the bottom chart (yellow)

    The music is many ukulele books like the Daily Ukulele are written in the key of C Major. Many of your tabs will have the notes written above them so that you can connect the music notation with the tabs. There are only 12 notes here so it should not take too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flailingfingers View Post
    WHat/where is TOOLBOX?
    Fretboard Toolbox -see post #5 and even your reply to it- the link is there for all of them- low g, high g, mandolin...........

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    Thanks dgame. Exactly what I was looking for! My game is mostly chords and singing and I do like to throw in some melody and bass runs, etc. (an old guitar player) hence the low G. Just want to be able to take the melody from the sheet music and play it on the strings for effect as I play/sing. Pretty simple.
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    No problem. I compiled it for that exact reason. Bought a nice Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook and wanted to play some of the piano parts on the ukulele.

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