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    I am a newcomer to the forum and this is my first post. I have two Koaloha ukes bought secondhand, both solid Koa, one a Soprano and the other a tenor strung low G. They both have a warm sound that I love. I recently bought a concert solid koa Pineapple Sunday (which looks beautiful) to complete my collection. It doesn’t have the same warm sound like the others and sounds more like a banjolele.
    Could this be a string issue( someone suggested using s Worth Brown low G set) or does that particular instrument have a shriller sound anyway. (I know I should have tried it but I’m UK based and believed that because it was a Koa Koaloha it would have similar characteristics to the other two. Thank you, Gary.

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    I heard one played at a shop in Oahu a few months ago. The sound was definitely different than my KoAloha soprano and concert. It sounded thinner, with emphasis on the treble end. The worker at the shop playing it agreed.

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    The pineapple Sunday I reviewed was maple and spruce (both known for highs) and the first thing I thought was also banjo, which has good and bad points. I like the sudden decay and way it would cut through a mix, but the banjo connection is strong. Seems like the nature of the beast for that model.

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