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Thread: Bushman Baritone - Anybody have one for sale?

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    Default Bushman Baritone - Anybody have one for sale?

    Hi, All -
    Many years ago, I had a couple of Bushman ukes. This was back when they were being sold/distributed out of a house just east of Indianapolis. It was only minutes away, and I made a number of visits to check out (and subsequently buy) a couple. Of course, I eventually sold them. As I recall, they were pretty nice instruments, and were all solid woods.

    The only information you see about them on the internet these days is mostly posts by folks armed with flamethrowers issuing dire warnings to stay away from them. What happened?

    My second question is:

    Anyone have a used Bushman baritone for sale? I'm not kidding!


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    This is what I remember from years ago. Bushman and Mainland were made in the same factory in China and were very similar. Mike of Mainland I think had some connection with Bushman, but became the proprietor of Mainland. He has been the owner of Mainland Ukes in Indiana for many years. All his ukes are assembled here in the USA. In my mind they are terrific ukes, especially for the price point. I believe they still make baritones. Mike is a frequent contributor to this forum. Hopefully he will see your post.
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    I had several Bushman ukuleles and stupidly sold them also. Yes, Mainland ukulele are very nice ukuleles.

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    I always loved the look of Bushman ukes. I wasn't aware that they were made in the same factory as Mainlands but I think the Bushmans were much better looking than the Mainlands.

    Some time ago I read all that I could find on Bushmans because I really wanted to get one. I found a lot of good and bad things said about them. Overall, I think that they were well regarded sound-wise. I think for a while there were quality issues which were eventually corrected. Then I think there was a problem with the vendor's ability to fulfill orders and their customer service was supposedly seriously lacking. I got the impression that whoever owned the business wasn't running it very well. There was a lot of negativity out there about Bushmans at the time I was reading up on them so it was enough to prevent me from buying one. It kind of bummed me out but I didn't want to take a chance on them at the time. (several years ago)
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    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    Bushman changed their supplier numerous times. The quality also changed significantly. As for their service, I think the reviews speak for themselves.

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