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Thread: Saving the planet

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    There are boxes at various music shops to recycle strings. D'Addario has a box set up for the strings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie View Post
    We have a Prius hybrid (used) car. I have no idea how much pollution was caused by it being built.
    We have new anti hurricane windows. I have no idea how much pollution was caused in their manufacture.
    We just had solar panels installed on our roof. I have no idea how much pollution was caused when they were made.

    Although these things concern me, I'm less concerned about my ukulele strings.
    I went to a seminar on building materials that are environmentally friendly and at the time we were looking at bamboo flooring as a renewable resource. The popular thinking at the time was that bamboo grows quickly and is resistant to wear. Sounds good, we'll take it. But at the seminar we found out that the carbon footprint to process the bamboo to flooring was huge. So we went to something else. But then we talked to a someone about it and she said that the carbon footprint for most flooring is the same, so in that sense bamboo was as green as any. Who knows how much pollution was generated to build your Prius, but not more than any other car that is less fuel efficient.
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    I don't want to live in a world that is linear.

    I just want everyone to understand that I am not a ukulele expert, even though it may look at times like I'm pretending to be.

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    Big picture is thinking of being conscious in various ways. We could do nothing with our lives, progress little and then die. Or enjoy a quality of life while still being aware of ways to lessen the footprint.
    While I am obsessed with music, hopefully I am using less of other (potentially more harmful) materials.
    I do worry about the raw materials used to make the instruments yet I consider how beneficial music is in our lives.

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    Yes, and with all that, I think that the one thing I've done recently is, I stopped eating pork and beef. Meat producing is about the most harmful thing we can do, including the cruelty of it. I hope to stop eating chickens and turkeys too....

    Now, where are those old ukulele strings I stuffed away???
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