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Thread: Wanted - vintage Martin ukuleles

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    Default Wanted - vintage Martin ukuleles

    Looking to add some old Martins to my ukulele room. Anything up to and including Style 5K. Let me know what you are looking to sell.

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    I have 4 a 1919 1M, 1934-35 1M, 1936-41 1M and a 1923-27 2M. All from the rescue room, all players, all for sale, see your Private Message Box
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigershark View Post
    Looking to add some old Martins to my ukulele room. Anything up to and including Style 5K. Let me know what you are looking to sell.

    My soprano playing days are behind me, and Iíve got two vintage Martin Style 1s that donít get any playing time anymore. Iíve been meaning to post them for sale, but havenít gotten around to it yet.

    One is from the early 1930s (bar frets, rosewood binding. The other is likely from the later 1930s, but Iíd have to verify. Both are terrific players with great, low action. Both have that signature vintage-Martin mahogany voice. The earlier one has a long, tight but unrepaired crack on the back panel that should be an easy fix for a tech, luthier or competent DIYer. The newer one is crack-free. Both will come with a case.

    I havenít taken pictures, recorded sound samples or even priced them yet, but if youíre interested, let me know and that will give me impetus to get off my behind and do it. Not looking to turn a profit on these; just want to cash out for what I have into them (which is less than their market value).

    Send me a private message if youíre interested. Thanks.
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    Email me if you want to see a 20's Martin O model.
    Sounds great but has a couple of hairline back cracks that should be repaired. A “project uke“ I decided I don't need after all.
    I would send you pics, but UU is very difficult to work without a PC. (I use my phone only.)
    Tanders5 at MSN dot com

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