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Thread: [B]Season 392 - Hats Off To Harry![/B]

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    Default [B]Season 392 - Hats Off To Harry![/B]

    Season 392: Hats Off To Harry!

    Welcome to Season 392 and a party given for one of our ukulele-lovin’ brothers, Harry122 - or Randy McSorley, as he’s also sometimes known. Not only has Randy contributed songs to Seasons others have hosted and commented on our posts, but he’s also hosted quite a few Seasons himself. Some of you may remember:

    Year 4
    161 – Novelty Songs
    174 – Silly Love Songs
    184 – Instrumentals
    193 – Halloween
    Year 5
    210 – For The Kids
    226 – It’s About Time
    244 – The Greatest Song Ever!
    Year 6
    269 – Cowboy Songs
    280 – Before The Breathin’ Air Is Gone (Songs about Nature)
    305 – Holiday Extravaganza!! (December holiday songs)
    Year 7
    314 – And the Nominations Are … (Songs nominated for
    Oscars/”Oscar” songs)
    320 – You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet (Songs with “ain’t in the
    332 – The Alphabet (Starting with an A song. 26 song limit)
    350 – Seasonista Originals (Covering Seasonista original songs)
    358 – The 1930s
    Year 8
    365 – Aloha (Hawaiian songs/songs about Hawaii)

    Season 392 will run from (Hawaiian time) 12 a.m. Sunday, August 18th, until midnight Sunday, August 25th.

    The Challenge: Join in the party! Let's thank Randy for all he has given to us along the way. What can you bring? Here’s what we need:

    Songs Randy has covered for any Season.

    Songs Randy has written for any Season.

    Songs that you could have submitted for any Season that Randy hosted.
    (The sky’s the limit here. Remember that Alphabet Season? )

    Songs by artists that Randy loves.
    (Hint: Paul McCartney or Willie Nelson songs are among Randy’s
    faves. )

    Originals (your choice of topic), instrumentals and collaborations are welcome!
    (Remember how Randy loved to collab with those other two
    wannabes that looked just like him? )

    ***** Please, if there’s something you’d like to bring for Randy that doesn’t exactly fit into one of the above categories – bring it anyway!

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell about why you’ve chosen songs you’ve chosen.

    Parameters –Unlimited entries!

    Please only post songs newly recorded this week.

    Please listen and comment.

    My comments will be placed on the Tube. Thank you! Linda ☺

    Reminder: Harmony Smurf’s Season 391 welcomes your good vibes until midnight Sunday (Hawaiian time)!

    Link to Randy's website:

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    A fantastic tribute to Randy and the Randidos here Linda - what a brilliant idea for a theme. I’m sure we all miss Randy’s wonderful music and consistently cheerful presence here on the Seasons. Hoping this will be just the ticket to tempt him back into the fold!
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    What a lovely idea, Linda!
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    Lots of scope there, Linda. Hope I can get something in but it's Whitby Folk Week, one of the UK's big folk festivals and only just down the road (figuratively speaking). So I might be elsewhere some of the time!
    Geoff Walker

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    at least, not yet.

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    Now THIS is a party! I happen to know that among Randy's favorites are Beatles tunes.

    True Story- I once covered a Beatles song.... (Ive covered so many that I have no idea which one it was now) but, Randy had mentioned it was one of his faves. I said I hadn't appreciated the Beatles way back when and had never had a Bealtes album. Within days I received the Rubber Soul album from Randy. That album became (among others I've received from dear seasonista's) one of my favorite traveling companions.

    Randy has one of the biggest hearts Ive ever met. We've become fast friends and this celebration is highly appropriate.
    I am 10 days post left hip replacement but I will bring something to the party. I must! How could I not?!

    Randy, I love you dear brother!
    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

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    Great idea Linda. Was just checking and Randy gave me a nice heads up on my very first video just over a year ago. Funnily enough, It was Randy who pointed me to the seasons as I found one of his videos by chance on youtube.... All the best and I will make sure that I bring a little something to the party as well.

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    inspiring theme with good intentions. I'm in for this one!

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    Look at those seasons that Randy has hosted.
    And quite a few at short notice to help keep this place going.
    I have lots going on but will certainly bring something along for Harry122!
    I'm pretty sure that TCK didn't stick to the 26 song limit during Alphabet Week.....

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    what a great theme! maybe we can lay a trail of songs to tempt and lead him back to the seasons! i hope so!

    bi di bup bup

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    Every one of those seasons of Randy's seem liked they happened just a few weeks ago...
    Fish Heads? Love Will Go On? Candy? That was last month, right? No? 4 years ago? Whoah.

    I'm hoping Randy might come up with a short-list of songs he might want to hear again.
    Mr McSorley?
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