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    Default silicone heating blanket

    I'm looking at buying a heating blanket to try and improve my side bending skills. There are so many power options out there all the way from 250w to 1200w. What's do you all recommend for power for ukulele bending?

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    If you have a controller (i.e., a thermostat that switches on and off to maintain desired temperature) it matters less, but I ended up with a 6" by 24" that is 450w. Keep in mind that power per square inch is a more useful metric than total power, as some people use small blankets and some are quite large.

    I ended up with something very much like this -

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    Here is where I got mine:

    Bob is a stand up guy with plenty of experience as a builder, as well as a member here who has helped so many over the years....he not only makes some amazing instruments and has roots in the community.... but he also mills wood and you can get some of the most beautiful, quality wood while your at it!

    Check him out as you will not be disappointed...

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    +1 for buying from Bob

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    Thanks for the kudos guys. My blankets are U.S. made and that makes buying from me more expensive. I have no idea if they are actually any better than the Chinese ones, because mine are the only ones I've used for more than 20 years. Before that I used Watlow blankets, ,which if they are still made, were also U.S.made I think. My blankets also do not come with a temp controller like the Chinese ones do. You need to use a cheap router speed controller, which works fine, or an actual controller like one from LMI. My blankets are about 4 watts per square inch.

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