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    Don't assume I am getting it but seeing so many advertisements I figure I ask. Anyone use the Fender app for bass, guitar, and/or ukulele?

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    Assuming you mean Fender Play, there's a free trial so you can look for yourself. When I looked at it a year ago there was very little compelling content. I've no idea if that's still the case, but my completely uneducated option is that if you're looking for online ukulele lessons look at one of the ukulele specific sites such as your hosts here.

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    I subscribed to Fender Play for a few weeks.
    I can already play guitar and ukulele at a somewhat intermediate level, but I wanted to improve myself to a more classically "advanced" level.

    For my purposes it was a sheer waste of time and money.
    The lessons progress too slowly and the navigation is not very intuitive (eg: it keeps insisting you follow all the lessons chronologically as per their schedule and they made it rather bothersome to switch between instrument type, as I play guitar, basa and ukulele).

    It is only really suitable for the absolute beginner.
    The person who has literally held an instrument for the first time and has yet to learn what a "C" chord is and has no concept of how strumming works.

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