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    Can one string a baritone uke gcea? How might it impact the tone and the instrument itself? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koaloha Krazy View Post
    Can one string a baritone uke gcea? How might it impact the tone and the instrument itself? Thanks for your thoughts.
    Yes you can string a baritone GCEA, Kala and Living Water make string sets specifically for that purpose. I have done it and it sounds like a tenor with more resonance and sustain because of the bigger body and longer scale length
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    Aquila used to make a set especially for that purpose too; when I briefly owned a Baritone scale ukulele, I used a set so that I could play along with the rest of our local group.
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    I've always described a baritone tuned to C as sounding like a great big tenor. If you want a plug and play solution, Mya Moe sells a "tenor tuned baritone" string set that uses a wound low G.

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    This is really a great stuff for sharing. Keep it up .Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for all your input. Really appreciate it.
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    I have a 50s Harmony baritone with PhD low G strings. I like it better than when I had it tuned DGBE.

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    I got a really neat set of of custome BAritone gCEA strings put together by Southern Ukulele store:

    I really liked how they sounded on a Kanile'a Spruce Top Baritone.
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    I Knew someone who did it with a Kala, and it sounded wonderful!
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