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Thread: Great job opportunity!

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    Default Great job opportunity!

    This job opp arrived in my Inbox today. Wow! Think of the ukes I could buy, and I'd be very well dressed too!

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    Per hour, eh?

    At that rate, if I worked about 8 hours, I could quit - I'd earn 16 year's worth of salary, and when I add that to the Social Security I'll get in 4 years, I could design and build a house with a humidified ukulele room, a recording studio, and full studio for the knitting/spinning/weaving supplies... and maybe get my looms out of storage!

    I'd even earn enough money to buy a lottery ticket!

    (Of course, when I wake up, and realize this is all a figment of my imagination...)
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    Am I done?


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    Yes, but they forgot to mention the job is in Antarctica and you are selling bathing suits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EDW View Post
    Yes, but they forgot to mention the job is in Antarctica and you are selling bathing suits.
    It doesn't mention anything about commission or sales quota...or having to wear the merchandise!
    " strange to see that I don't want to be the person that I want to be." - Amanda Palmer, In My Mind (NSFW)

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