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Thread: best beginner resources?

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    Default best beginner resources?

    Hi folks! I知 new here! I just bought my first ukulele, well, a banjolele actually, and I知 really excited I start learning. I was wondering what some good resources are. I play old time 5 string banjo, and a bit of guitar (old country songs, etc). But I really love a lot of 1920s and 30s music, Dixieland, ragtime, old jazz standards, etc. I知 really itching to explore a lot of those kind of things on the ukulele. I have some musical knowledge (not a ton of theory, but enough to usually get by) but I like some structure when learning new things, so I壇 love some recommendations for any books, videos, etc. to get me pointing in the right direction and understanding the basics before I just start I知 trying to learn a bunch of songs.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Click on the text in the Menu at the top of the page - Learn To Play The Ukulele.

    Also ukehunt dot com

    Youtube is your friend with many great tutorial videos there, check out including One School Music, Cynthia Lin, Elise Eklund, Andy Guitar. The Ukulele Teacher.

    Do have a look around the various sub sections here where you will find many, many links
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    Someone here had posted about the book Ukulele From Scratch, I picked it up recently and I think it's great for a beginner. It gives you just enough theory to be dangerous but Is focused on the playing, songs, etc.

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    98% of my teaching sources is all on YouTube. I have found sources that came from YouTube videos but even if I didn't venture past it I would still say YouTube is your best bet.

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    Ummm. I guess I have to throw out the most obvious one, Uke Underground.

    There are tons of great beginner resources right here. No real need to go anywhere else. Just sayin'
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