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Thread: Fishman built-in tuner/equalizer

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    Hi all...
    I apologize in advance if this is a question that has been asked before, but does a Fishman built-in tuner/equalizer need to be plugged into an amp before the tuner will operate? I have a Lanikai SOT-6EK and while the tuner will tune if I hold the power button down, once I release the button it turns off.

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    It shouldn't need to be plugged in to tune. Check that the battery isn't low.

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    You shouldn't HOLD down the power button, just give it a touch, which will turn on the tuner. Also, DO NOT leave the amp cable plugged into the uke, that will kill the battery very quickly. As soon as the cable is plugged in, the preamp/tuner goes on standby and uses the battery. I actually had my luthier add an on/off switch to my ukes and bass ukes so I could turn off the battery and keep the cable plugged in.

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    I’m starting to believe I have a defective tuner. Plucking the string only registers when I hold the button down. If I just touch it (the power button), the green light blinks and then...nothing. The battery seems fine.

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    Hold the phone! I figured out what the issue was. It is not a “touch” type button that powers it, but an actual “click” type. That required me to get my finger nail in there. Seems to be working fine. I’m guessing this doesn’t go off on its own as it has a hard switch.

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