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Thread: GoldTone BUC - any advice?

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    Default GoldTone BUC - any advice?

    My GoldTone BUC arrived today. What do folks think of the stock strings that come with it? They feel really stiff to me (I'm used to Worth).

    Has anyone changed them? Any advice to get the best sound out of it?
    thanks in advance!
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    I tend to keep the strings that came with the uke. I have the Gold Tone DLX, and whatever strings came with that are fine. I do recall playing a uke that had what seemed like harder strings, and I'll probably change them. I think it was a Martin tenor (used). After playing at a jam session, my fretting fingers were sore, which is unusual.
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    Perhaps you could direct the question to the OP of the thread below. He works for gold tone.!
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    I had the BUT for awhile. I think it came with the ubiquitous Aquila Nylguts. I replaced with something Flourocarbon - Southcoast or Living Water. I would think Worth would be great on the BUC.
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    Thanks Jim, Austin & Jerry!

    I'm jumping over to GTB/David's thread (employee of GoldTone).
    Sent him a PM.

    I have high hopes for my little Banjolele
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    I've got a Gold Tone BUC. I'm not sure that it had stock strings or store replacements. Regardless, I made the drumhead rather tight and placed D'Addario Nyltech strings on it with a LaBella low G. It sounds excellent with that combo of strings.
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