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Thread: Aloha from (another) uker from Finland!

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    Default Aloha from (another) uker from Finland!

    Hi, all!

    I have been playing for about four months now. I'd say the uke is my first instrument. I did buy a plastic trombone (with a silver mouthpiece) for my 30th birthday, but I didn't realize it made too loud a sound for apartment building playing. Until I find a better spot to play, I regret it has to stay in the closet.

    You see, I always wanted to play something and envied those who could. I like singing (also karaoke) and am interested in music theory, although my education and experience in that regard is limited to high school musical level.

    And btw, talking about trombone and school, one of my elementary school music teachers was a trombone player. He let us try the mouthpiece, but I doubt it had a big effect on my looking towards the instrument later. But he is connected in my musical journey: he asked me to play what at least we called a "chicken shake" - a plastic percussion egg - for the school orchestra. I even remember the situation in the school hallway, where he privately asked me that, convincing me that "we need precise guys for playing percussions in the orchestra" and then he even showed me the rhythm I also remember to this day: "paa-paa-papaa-paa-paa-paa-pa-paa".

    I declined. I thought the egg was a toy, an embarrassing non-instrument to play! Also, the penis is nicknamed "egg" in Finnish, and I suspected I might hear about it, even though I wasn't bullied otherwise and had some friends playing other instruments in the orchestra. That was the moment my percussionist's (I'm sure I didn't even know what the word really meant) career went down the loo!

    Anyway, later on in life, getting older (and maybe slower in the head), the trombone interested me, since the UX seems so easy - not having to learn fingerings or even notes or tabs - just thinking it as an extension of you. Reminds me of singing. A bit like a theremin, which I'd also like to try.

    Well, more years went by, and the person I'm living with started studying to become an elementary school teacher. And to my delight, the internationally praised Finnish school system has finally pretty much replaced recorders with ukuleles! (Thank your god for that - it was really a recurring nightmare and a really ugly picture of instrument playing to be projected upon kids in here for a couple of generations!) And then I thought: Well, if little school kids do this, Imma stop this fantasizing and being afraid of learning fingerings and tabs (and even notes, the secret (but stupid) language!) and get on with my self-expression!

    I haven't looked back yet. I don't see that I will either, although I'm known for getting really deep (here I am in a forum!) into different hobbies for a couple of years and then losing interest. Byt I do cherish the memories - I like to do many things, also random and for no apparent reason! Even though I also endorse the good things music (playing) does for the brain and soul.

    I have played for four months now. Fingerstyle seems to fit me and/or my instrument well, also open chords, and I like to learn the ways of the high G - campanella, clawhammer, high-starting-and-ending-chords, etc. Also any kind of techniques, from classical to rock guitar or banjo or flamenco etc.

    My instrument is a Flight Juliana. I tried a few dozens - all I could find, mostly big manufacturers (Ohana, Kala, Tanglewood, Ortega) - and this wan chose me, as they say. Very well made and velvet to the ears! High valu for money, I think. I didn't consider more expensive ones though - yet.

    The first ones I tried were from the public library (great service!) and I found that sopranos are a bit cumbersome for my hands. Though some more expensive ones (with better strings) play easier.

    I might be interested in plugging in at some point or maybe try some banjolele/resonator or some chambered and/or a steel strung one (though what about the fingerstyle and clawhammer then...), but the lovely and simple acoustic ones appeal the most!

    Well, that was almost a novelful of talk! See you around the forum and good tunes for everyone! (or what might you say to another uker ?)

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    Welcome to UU Jupa
    Happy just to be a Newbie +, Penny

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    Welcome Jupu!

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    Hi and welcome!
    ~ "Music washes away the dust of everyday life" ~

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    Welcome to the forum

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