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Thread: Season 394 - The Electric Version

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    Default For Liza

    A quick ditty on my Harley-Benton SB electric baritone, played through my Marshall MS-4 amplifier.

    It's been nearly 9 months since I had this computer up & running. It's good to be back by the CD Tower of Babel. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by uke4ia View Post
    rob, i theoretically love you like a brother i've never met, and this is one of my favorite beatles songs. But there was a 3-song limit, and this is number six. You can stop now. :d
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    Quote Originally Posted by uke4ia View Post
    Rob, I theoretically love you like a brother I've never met, and this is one of my favorite Beatles songs. But there was a 3-song limit, and this is number six. You can stop now.
    That's what you get when you don't read the fine print... but this post processing stuff is what I do so I got carried away... Sorry.
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    My second is some Pet Shop boys. I've used a clean sound for this one with chorus and delay. I've added chorus and reverb to the vocals. I think this sound works well as an alternative to Tennant and Lowe's synth tones.
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    OMD wrote a perfect song for this Season---I wish I could've put it together sooner (and with more effects)

    -Ralf Youtz

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    A friend of mine, who is a music producer, liked my contribution this week, but felt I was being too literal and lost the opening poetry too early on.
    So I took his advice and revised the lyrics. This is how Sleepless Too (2) goes now:

    Sleepless Too

    My eyes are closed the room is in darkness
    Outside the clouds have kept the sky starless.
    Behind my lids there are flashes going off.
    Blinding white or cobalt blue:
    Are they just gravitons passing through?

    I long to sleep, but sleep won't take me.
    The slightest sound seems to wake me.
    I'm bathed in sweat and the morning's coming on.

    Storms in my thoughts echoed in thunder
    My peace of mind rent asunder
    Here and now becoming there and then.
    What use now: "I should have said..."?
    Remorse and regret tower above my bed.


    My body's tense - I feel I'm sinking
    Swamped by the stress of too much thinking.
    Tossing and turning until well past four.
    Can't seem to get a moment's peace
    How I wish this torture would just cease.

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    I have been busier than a one-armed paper-hanger with a case of the hives. I have so much work to do, but I had to do this song because I had a gig over the weekend where the sponsor gave all the musicians ball caps to wear and it was required to wear them. The sponsor is a kind of hideous big bank, so I wore this tie with this jacket in anticipation of what the caps would look like. When they passed out these black caps with only a small embossed logo on the clasp at the back, I thought I looked a bit like Angus Young in this rig. So here is some acoustic soprano AC/DC.

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    Supposedly this electrified one half of the audience, and electrocuted the other.


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    My second and final contribution for this week. I was going to do a cover of Kanye's song called "Gay Fish" but couldn't find the correct chords.

    I recently got a used computer from a friend that works in IT at a local college. It is an upgrade to 64 bit and also has a solid state drive(the save times are fantastic.) The unexpected bonus of switching to 64 bit was that a plug-in I previously used for vocal mixing now has pitch correction! Not bad for a VST that cost me twenty bucks a few years back(Izotope Nectar Elements for those that are interested.) Still, the vocals had plenty of artifacts so I put them further back in the mix(small price to pay to make them tolerable!)

    This one is by my second favorite band of all time. It was their first song on their first album. Been hooked ever since!

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    Season 394 is now ended. Please check to make sure I didn't inadvertently leave any of your videos off the playlist.
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