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Thread: FS: Rare 1930s/1940s Gretsch American Ukulele, Mint Condition

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    Default FS: Rare 1930s/1940s Gretsch American Ukulele, Mint Condition

    This very rare late 30s, early 40s era tenor ukulele is in near mint condition! Body is solid mahogany. Headstock and fretboard is beautiful Brazilian Rosewood. It has an absolutely lovely clear, warm tone and is very playable. Comes with the lovely vintage case from the same era. View pictures here:

    I say “Near” Mint because there are a few VERY minor flea bite-type dents and a VERY minor scuff along the side. The two last pictures show the flaws that this uke has.

    This is my personal ukulele and I have taken extremely good care of it. I am sad to sell it but I never use it anymore since I decided to go with a ukulele that plugs directly into a soundsystem. I hope it can go to a good home.

    Here's a clip of my uke:

    Here's another clip (with no vocals) I found on Youtube of the same make ukulele and similar sound:

    I have it posted on eBay and would prefer to use that method for purchasing and shipping as its tried and true. Thanks!

    Also I don’t have time to hassle with returns, so please carefully view all of the pictures and listen to the sound samples on YouTube before purchasing. Thank you!

    For further reading about this type of ukulele, here is a detailed article:

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    Hi ShyClare ... how much are you asking for it?
    How bad is your UAS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam13 View Post
    Hi ShyClare ... how much are you asking for it?
    Simon, from his /her thread link it looks like a Ebay deal...………...bids starting at $1000, Buy It Now at $1300

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