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Thread: How many of you play guitar too?

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    Default How many of you play guitar too?

    I ask the question because, tinkering with both myself, I thought a lot of others might too.

    I know UU is (quite rightly) predominantly a ukulele site, but it does have a guitar section which I post in now and again with the odd video I've done; but it seems that not many others do.

    So I just wondered how many of you play both? Did you start with guitar and move onto uke, or vice-versa? Why do you (if such is applicable) prefer to play one over the other? Do you have other sites you use for your guitar stuff?

    I love learning about the different skills and preferences of my fellow musos on here, so just thought I'd ask.
    Luv n stuff, Dave

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    I am a classical guitarist of 30 years and have a fantastic collection of guitars
    I started ukulele a few years ago and play chord melody style and read tab
    At first it was difficult to go back-and-forth but now it is not a problem at all

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    Started with guitar, been playing off and on for ten years. Got a uke for Christmas and it's been a fun little adventure. On the the uke I've been learning more instrumental songs and some theory. Fun so far!

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    I played guitar and bass in bands for 20+ years. Just bought a decent Kala in June(1st ukulele) and really fell in love with the instrument. With guitar, I kind of stopped learning new songs at some point and just played the same stuff over and over or only played songs of the bands I was in. With ukulele, it's so refreshing to learn something from scratch. I've learned about a dozen songs in my short few months of playing uke(mostly chord melody style fingerpicking). I honestly only got interested when my 2nd kid was born and I had to be quiet at night and even my acoustic guitars were a bit loud in my small house, so I figured I'd take up the ukulele. However, since I bought my uke I've barely touched my guitars. Just ordered a Koaloha ktm-00. Guess you could say I've been bitten hard by the ukulele bug.
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    The guitar is my main squeeze but I love to dance with its siblings and relatives and mess around with the terz, requinto, ukulele, bass, lute and mandolin. They're all so similar there's very little frustration in learning them and lots of overlap between the instruments. All are a part of the same continuum. I often play two, three or four of them on my tacks. Now my attempts at woodwinds was very humbling and I basically got nuttin' but furt 'n squeak sounds.

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    Played guitar steadily for years, then seldom for 20 years, and then ukulele for the last 12+ years. Maybe play guitar once or twice a year now.

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    Hi, young Dave! I play guitar too. I've played electric guitars since I were in college. I have many vintage electric guitars. Thank you for your contribution in guitar section. I know many people play guitars in this server.

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    I have played guitar since age 12 or 13, and have been playing it ever since (age 65 now). I took up the uke a couple of years ago, for a few reasons. One, it was something new and relatively inexpensive. Two, I became more aware of it with the advent of the internet and particularly Youtube. Three, with age comes stiffness and some tendon damage in a couple of fingers on my left hand, and it's a lot easier stretching across three frets on a uke than it is on guitar. So here I am, working out classical pieces on the baritone uke. Loving every minute of it.
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    Guitar player here also.
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    I play guitar (classical, acoustic, electric), bass and guitalele as well.
    Not in any professional capacity.

    At present, I enjoy ukulele the most out of all these instruments.
    My interest has tended to wander to and fro between the instruments.

    Personally I think it's quite liberating to make that leap into being able to play both ukulele and guitar.
    It opens your eyes to the fact that a majority of discussions regarding whether a certain instrument is a "guitar" or an "uke" to be somewhat irrelevant.

    Guitars are big ukuleles which may have a few more strings.
    Ukuleles are small guitars with 4 strings.

    Some may say that's heresy, but that's how I view them.

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