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Thread: Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome - how many do you own?

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    There was a time that I had 35 but I am now down to 15: two Vintage Martin tenors, two KoAloha tenors (one 6-string), Two Pineapple Sundays, Kiwaya soprano, Kamaka Tenor, UkeSA Banger, UkeSA Wow, Vintage Martin soprano, KoAloha Concert, KoAloha soprano, KoAlana soprano, and Kala travel concert. Still too many. Selling one Vintage Martin Tenor now, and thinking of selling KoAloha concert and Vintage Martin soprano. I truly believe that with the addition of a Kanile'a tenor, my UAS would be cured :-)

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    I'm slumming it with 14 (technically 15, but plan to sell it). I'm just at the beginning of my recent climb. My goal is to have a Tenor from each of the Hawaiian K's for playing (to include some long neck concerts) and then just collect soprano's that interest me, are trending or are unusual. I get mental when things that are worn or dinged, so all my ukulele's are mint, well, besides my Martin and Dubarry.
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    KoAlana Concert (2012)
    KoAlana Soprano (2012)
    KoAloha Tenor KTM-00 2014)
    KoAloha Opio Long Neck Soprano KSO-02
    KoAloha Opio Long Neck Concert KCO-02
    Rebel​ Soprano Double Creme
    Pono Soprano MGS
    Islander Soprano MSS-4
    Mainland Soprano Classic (2018)
    Bruko Soprano No. 1
    Bruko Soprano No. 6
    Martin Soprano OXK
    Martin Soprano OX Natural

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    A couple dozen, give or take a few. I'd have to take inventory to get an exact number. Only three or four get played regularly.
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    Well, every time my wife tells me I have to many ukuleles, I show her all of Jerry's NUD threads and then show her the posts where he states how many he has. Now, with this thread, I can prove to her I don't really have UAS as bad as you guys.

    Current Ukuleles:
    2007 Martin Style 3K Soprano
    2009 Bean Sprout Banjolele
    2011 Martin Style 2K Soprano
    2017 Martin Style 3K Custom Tenor
    2018 Martin Style 3K Custom Concert
    2019 Martin Style 3K Custom Soprano
    2018 Martin Style 3 Centennial #2230085
    2018 Martin 1T IZ Tenor (#576)
    2018 Martin S1
    2018 Martin Konter Replica
    2018 Kamaka HP-1 Pineapple

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    Good question. I had to check my signature so that I could count them.

    The answer is eleven.
    Mainland Mango concert
    KoAloha Longneck soprano Pineapple
    Outdoor Ukulele (#28) soprano
    Canora (Canadian school system) soprano
    Kala travel soprano
    Wolfelele soprano
    Islander tenor
    Pono MT tenor
    Kala soprano banjo ukulele
    Pono Acacia tenor electric
    Pono Acacia baritone (BN-1)
    Risa tenor stick

    Everybody else does B flat. I do B phlat!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-in-Alberta View Post
    Good question. I had to check my signature so that I could count them.

    The answer is eleven.
    I see you have a Wolfelele. I made one of them a few years ago. It's now with a friend's young grandson.
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    I definitely had UAS. I was trying out different sizes, different necks, different brands, and trying to find what worked for me.

    I've got a better feel now for what works for me, and have everything that was on my wish list, (minus the ones I tried and resold, because they didn't work for me), so unless something new comes along to stir up my UAS, I think my UAS is currently in remission. (I know better than to say that it's completely cured. LOL.)

    I ended up with more than I meant to, but so far, don't have any candidates for rehoming, so I'm enjoying them all. I do play them all regularly.

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    Right now I have 5:

    A standard Concert
    A standard Tenor (my go to)
    A Tenor strung to play an octave lower than standard
    An 8 string Tenor
    A Banjolele Tenor

    All play and sound different

    My wish list includes two more
    A Baritone
    A 5 string Tenor with a sound hole ‘on top’ so that I can hear my own playing — with radiused fret board and Zero Fret

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    There is an important aspect of Gear Acquisition Syndrome that is well known in the guitar community. And that is, when you pass away, be sure to leave some type of instruction for your spouse so that they don't sell off your instruments for what you claimed you paid for them.
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    No poll?

    Once I made a post like this, that had a poll.
    Options were

    As far as I remember, 5-9 was the most common.

    Personally I have 6 ukuleles at the moment.
    I like the idea of ideally trimning it to 2-4 ukuleles, but I would need to find the right ones.
    Anuenue AMM tenor - Magic Fluke Koa Tenor - Cocobolo concert - Kamaka Tiki concert - Cort concert - Ohana LN soprano.

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