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Thread: Deepeneing vs shaving entire nut

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zambezi Zelda View Post
    If I want to bring down the action on all strings (6 in this case) at the nut, is it better to deepen the slots individually, or shave the entire nut down? All things being equal, seem shaving would be a quicker (even better) way.
    There’s probably something positive to be said for both. Some nuts are not well made or installed so removing it and filing it flat to ensure that the base of the nut sits well on the neck has merit; filing out each slot removes other variables in manufacture. Filing slots ensures that the string does ‘break’ on the edge of the nut and that the slot width is a good fit.

    In general I just leave the nut in place and file the slots to suit; that particular ‘solution’ works for me (I have the simple skills and tools to do the job, the adjustments are ‘customised’ to each string, and in my estimation the results have been very good).
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