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Thread: Am I the only one with just one ukulele?

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    I think my UAS has been cured. I did a fair amount of experimenting when I was younger, but I think I'm all set now. I have 2 ukes, one for high g and one for low g (Koaloha concert and Opio long neck soprano). I have a banjolele, and I've ordered an Enya travel uke. Done! Finite!
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    I have 3 sopranos and 4 tenors made from Koa.. they all have very distinct sound profiles and preferences in what songs they like..
    I am into ukes mostly for experiencing the sound. Unlike a piano or a guitar it is easier to have more than one uke.
    Telling me own one uke is like eating only one cuisine and just one dish in different ways..
    I have dabbled with the idea is starting a sampling club for ukes.. or a rental service..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kissing View Post
    I consider myself a bit of a minimalist too.
    However, it is still hard to consolidate down just to 1 ukulele.

    My reasons are mainly to do with tunings.

    Most of the times I play in low-G (tenor), but sometimes I require high-G (concert).
    But I also want a low-G soprano for portability. And also a beater uke for taking on camping and beaches.
    And also a baritone for when I want a lower toned sound. And a guitalele for when I want to play an ukulele like a guitar.
    And a bass ukulele for when I want to play bass... and also I require an electric ukulele for silent night time play and using effects/amps.

    Oh dear.. and I haven't even mentioned my guitars, flutes, violins, harmonicas and ukuleles I require for collectability and tonewoods..
    That's what happened to me and how I ended up with over a dozen ukes/banko ukes... the three Ts of UAS .... tuning, tonewood, and travel. Now that I have tried over 2 dozen ukes, I am currently selling off and tryin to get down under 10 that I truly love. Then I need to do the same for my drums and v-drums....

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    I just started playing six weeks ago and I already have three! But it's entirely justified (I tell myself).

    I come from a keyboard and percussion background; I've never played a stringed instrument. So first I bought a cheap (US $60-ish) Amazon-exclusive concert, figuring I'd see if I was really interested.

    But I quickly found the concert a bit uncomfortably small for my hands. So I bought an almost equally cheap tenor of the same brand, that also had a built-in pickup, so I could "rock" (kind of) out. That was a lot of fun.

    But as much as I was enjoying learning the ukulele, I also was getting all kinds of string buzzes and unmusical notes, and I wasn't sure if it was my playing (entirely possible) or the lackluster quality of the instrument.

    So just a week or two ago I purchased another tenor (low G this time) from a more upscale (or mid-market, at least) company (US $150 range). It's been a revelation. As much fun as I was having before, this is a comparative joy to play; it not only sounds better, but I play it better, and everything just feels much more natural, even to a beginner like me.

    So now I should be all set, at least for a while, right?

    (Although my birthday isn't that far away... and I have my eye on a few things... )

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    So, I have more than one (dozen, but not many more). However, with two exceptions, I don't have more than 1 uke in any "slot". So one low G tenor, one re-entrant tenor, one six string, one eight string, one semi-solid body electric, one bass, etc.

    The two exceptions are not completely open. I have a few laminate ukes which I leave out within an arm's reach of the places I spend time - office, living room, bedroom. Traditionally, these are older, less expensive ukes that I started on and still like. The only other exception was a second low G tenor, which I got a better uke, but it turns out that my father-in-law loves ukes and did not have one, so he has it on permanent loan.

    And I have been a devoted player for about 9 years, so this did not happen over night.

    There - am I excused now?

    (And if I were to be totally, absolutely honest, I would have to count the Enya carbon fiber that I just ordered, but that's for a specific rafting trip, and it was cheap. <g>)

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    I have one and wil probably stay that way. I stumbled upon it in a small music store a couple of years ago. Only uke choice there was my current soprano Flight and a concert one. Tried them out, liked what I heard and saw, and went back for the small and maybe "traditional" one. Think the most important thing was to get an instrument with four strings, then it's about to discover its potential. And there is a lot.

    And I don't really have room for more than one . But in my heart my uke becomes many, it's very versatile!
    Have a good soprano

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