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    Default ArtistWorks Special Pricing

    I thought about putting this is in thread on teachers, but don't know if it really fits, so I'll start a new thread.

    ArtistWorks is having a promo where you can get one month for $9.99 with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel. That, I think, gives you full access to the classes, if you want to see what they're like, (probably can't work through it all in one month, but can get started), but does not allow you to submit a video for them to review. At least that's how I understand it.

    One month is usually $29, so this is a decent discount to take a look and see if it's the right type of lessons for you.

    You need the code TESTDRIVE to get the discount.

    I never seem to do well with online classes, (maybe because I have to do lots of those for both of my jobs), but for $9.99, I may take a look anyway.

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    Nice one. Thanks for posting.

    You are getting 2 great teachers there, both have a wealth of knowledge and both are great teachers as well which is important. It’s a bargain at the full price. You can also download video exchanges and ask questions for personal and detailed feedback from Craig and Sarah, which is a very valuable tool to be able to use. You will get a video response from either Craig or Sarah as well as possible input from other members. It’s good to be able to look through others video exchanges as well, together with the detailed video replies. Some really great little nuggets of information in those replies.

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    I recommend trying it for the low price. They have some very good stuff on there that should match your needs and abilities. The price is less than the gas price for driving one hour to your local uke shop.

    I have a friend who signed up for the holiday special last December for half off any of the plans they offer. The same offer was extended in July and I signed up for the savings. I used it a lot for a few weeks and now am visiting occasionally.

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    Excellent deal! When I did it, it was $105 for three months. If there was a one-month price, I didn't see it.
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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