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Thread: Keys and singing question

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    Hi, Jarmo! I am practicing A Beautiful Life now. It is in vonbiber's gospel song book in Ukulele Tabs and Chords forum. I also want to sing I heard that Lonesome Whistle in Hank Williams song book next. As shown below, they are simple. If I play with song seats, I can play at once. But I want to remember lyrics. This chord progression ( F C G C) is very common. All I need to do is just remember lyrics, not easy but fun.

    The original key of "I heard that Lone some Whistle" is D. vonbiber's book use the key of C (see above). I can sing in both keys, but C is easier. There is similar song in Japan. Let me be by Monsieur Kamayatsu (see the Youtube below). This song is exactly the same chord progression and melody. Only a couple of tones are higher in the part of "Caroline". This makes me hard to sing in C or D. And Monsieur Kamayatsu sing it in E in Youtube. He looks bit hard to sing though. "Let me be" is bit hard to sing in any key hence I want to sing "I heard that Lonesome Whistle" instead.

    E                     E7
    I was ridin' number nine
           A               E
    Headin' south from Caroline
    E           B                  E
    I heard that lonesome whistle blow
    E                       E7
    Got in trouble had to roam
           A               E
    Left my gal and left my home
    E           B                  C
    I heard that lonesome whistle blow

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    Sometimes our own language song words can be even harder to remember than say the global english

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