This may end up on the shelf now until spring.

Staining didn't work out at all - between the veneer sand-throughs, the different coloured patches, the sprayed CA, and some general blotching it ended up beyond ugly. I gave up and painted it, which didn't turn out too bad (unless you're completely opposed to paint - clearly I'm not - I even have a seafoam green acoustic guitar butting into the corner of the pic ). Unfortunately I got about halfway through clear coating it and it started to rain. I'm pessimistic about having clear enough and warm enough weather to finish that until spring.

I also discovered that I hadn't seated a couple the inlaid rabbits all the way. They ended up sanded almost through and then popped a bit in the wet & cold. I'm going to have to cut those out and drop in new ones. That may not have to wait as I can route or carve under cover, although if it gets too cold I don't know that I'll trust my hands to do so cleanly.

I'll probably start the solid wood kit indoors over the winter. It will definitely go au natural. The wood in that kit looks better, there's no veneer to sand through, and I hope I learned something about controlling my router and my CA overspray.