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Thread: Season 395 - Spicks and Specks

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    A little bit of country - Gina Jeffreys put out a new album (the first in about a decade!) last month.
    The album 'Beautiful Tangle' included this song performed with Lee Kernaghan; and since they were both guests at different times on Spicks and Specks, I figured I'd have a crack at it.
    (Of course I started losing my voice before I could record any harmonies, but I'm posting it anyway!)
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    Getting one in under the wire here. I haven't even had time to look at 396's theme yet!

    This one is for the original bouncy major sounding tune with lyrics that are less so. There is a positive element in how my protagonist copes with her unspecified social stigma, but the verses clearly show what she has to face on a daily basis and that's where the sadness comes in. We shouldn't have to suffer, just to be ourselves!

    Hope you like:

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    Steve Lukather was on an episode of Spicks and Specks. According to his IMDB info, he played rhythm guitar on the album version of Michael Jackson's song Bad.

    "Weird" Al Yankovic was on two episodes of Spicks and Specks. He is famous specifically for performing songs to the tunes of other songs. In fact, he is arguably most well known for doing this to Michael Jackson songs.

    There is a whole octave change in this song that I cannot for the life of me handle, but you're getting it anyway.


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    Default Billy Field - You Weren't In Love With Me

    A last-minute entry! Here's a cover of a great song from Billy Field, with me singing and doing a bit of piano (due to an ongoing tendon injury I STILL can't play uke) and Kevin doing all the clever uke bits as well as adding some harmony.

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    Self-indulgently, I'm going to post this last one from me: Weir by Killing Heidi (1999).
    The vocalist, Ella Hooper, was Spicks and Specks guest-slash-team captain 43 times over the years.
    (You will be pleased to know that I did not even attempt to reproduce her vocal gymnastics in this cover.)

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    And it’s just after midnight in Hawaii, which means we all survived my first season. Well done, and congratulations, and thank you to everyone who brought songs and left ‘likes’ and comments on the songs brought this week.
    Season 396 is happily underway now, and I will do a wrap-up video later this week.

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    Thanks for hosting Emma!

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    This was a great trip down memory lane Emma!
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    Sorry - missed the cut off - but putting it out there anyway - Well done Emma for stepping up.

    Jason Mraz - cover - he was in an episode somewhere in the TV show.

    I ran out of time to do it by 2 hours :-(

    I like to thank Catherine B for vocals. She did an awesome job learning the song in less than a day.

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    Well done Emma - a fine debut! Hopefully the first of many!
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