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Thread: Enya Nova U Carbon Travel Ukulele - REVIEWED

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    Quote Originally Posted by ver2go View Post
    Enya put up a video showing the TransAcoustic Pickup
    Ok this is way cool and a real game changer for a “plastic” uke. Thanks so much for sharing
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post
    Ok this is way cool and a real game changer for a “plastic” uke. Thanks so much for sharing
    No problem. I think all of us are excited about this one. I still can't decide if I want the TransAcoustic or not and this makes the choice even more difficult.

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    I think the pickup looks cool... but...

    And this is just a personal opinion... dont shoot me

    I love the uke, but think I would only ever get one for outdoor / car / rough and tumble use. Pickups are cool and the transacoustic particlularly so.. but.. I dont see me ever amplifying any plastic uke like that. If I want to record or perform I'd go for a more traditional uke. In that sense I'm glad they DIDN'T send me an electro model as i think it would have confused my personal views.

    As I say - that's just me.
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    Just got my Nova Uke in the mail, and been playing around with it here and there this afternoon. I also have a low G tenor Outdoor Ukulele. I like the Nova, but I do still prefer the sound and feel of my Outdoor Ukulele. I feel like my tenor Outdoor in low G and a fuller sound, and definitely prefer the fretboard on the Outdoor Ukulele as well. The fretboard on the Nova (at least the one I received) seems to be grittier/rougher than the outdoor, which is mostly noticeable when doing bends. I prefer the neck profile on the Outdoor Ukulele as well with the wider and flatter back on the neck, which makes it extremely comfortable to move up and down. Overall, for the price, it's hard to beat the Nova, but as an overall, I prefer the Outdoor Ukulele. This is after a very small amount of play on the Nova, but just some things that I noticed shortly after unboxing.
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    I just looked at this thread after following a link to the Enya Carbon in another thread. I'd buy a white one in an instant if it was a tenor (and replace the gold hardware with black). I like the idea of a preamp, but I have a Godin Multiuke when I need to play amplified. The Enya would replace my Fluke walnut tenor (I don't like the shape of the neck, my thumb gets fatigued quickly compared to my other ukes).

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    Watch Feng E (age 12) play with the Enya Nova Transacoustic pickup:

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    Quote Originally Posted by M3Ukulele View Post
    I’m in Canada, wish that free shipping applied to North American. I’d give one a spi. Even though I’m a tenor guy. Looks to be a great travel, take anywhere Uke.
    Quote Originally Posted by M3Ukulele View Post
    Thanks Dave for chiming it. I can do $69 US$ for Uke them do $59 US$ for shipping, then when it gets to border, get hit with taxes and perhaps a custom fee. Post it you see it on Amazon Canada.
    I picked up mine via Amazon Canada recently. $110CAD ($83USD) with a coupon, but free fast shipping and no customs/dutios - probably not as cheap as available in that original promo, but still not bad.
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    I just got two more (pink and blue acoustic) for grandkids. I think at $79 it is a very good value.
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