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Thread: Romero Creations Tiny Tenor Spalted Mango

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    Default Romero Creations Tiny Tenor Spalted Mango

    Gosh this is a pretty instrument, it's all beautifully spalted mango and has a wonderful rich warm sound. First heard Cynthia Lin playing one and had to have it, but it's one too many ukes in my quiver. Paid $821 a year ago from Ukulele Site, they have a nice video of a tiny tenor if you want to hear it. Full set-up, gigbag, pickup, strap button, extra LaBella strings, low G. Strings are set a little further apart, great for finger picking. Romero didn't make many full mangos like this one because they were picky about the wood quality, this is a rare beauty. $800 and I'll pay shipping.
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    Pretty spalting.
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    Very interesting ukulele! Where was it made?


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    A beautiful instrument. They have become very hard to find, and I'm sure this one will appreciate in value over time. I have 3 RC ukes: a solid top TT, solid top STC, and solid mahogany STC. I was in the market for a solid body TT, and looked for the past 6 months, but finally decided that the concert was my size. Excellent for fingerpicking, and they sound so dang good, I was reluctant to tune one re-entrant, but it sounds great too. The uke site such a good job with their set up, I'm sure it plays nice. It this is one you're thinning, I'd love to play the ones you're keeping ;-) Good luck with the sale.

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