I’ve been playing for about 15 years and have 5 ukuleles

An inexpensive Concert Hilo
A Tenor Amigo Strung with guitar strings so it plays an octave low
An Eddy Finn Banjolele
An 8 string Kala Tenor
A cut-away Kala Tenor

All sound and play differently.

So now, I’m ready for my ‘dream machine’
A 5 string cut-away with a sound port (some groups play LOUD)

I would really like a radiused fret board. I would prefer acoustic/electric. And I’m toying with the concept of a zero fret.

Five strings are becoming available. Does anyone have real experience with a 5 string cut-away? Know to get one with a sound port? I’ve seen them acoustic/electric, but not with a sound port.