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Thread: ToneRight for Guitar

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    There are many ways to deal with buyer's remorse such as returning the instrument or selling it to someone who will actually like the sound. Spending more money on modifications or devices to "improve" the sound is another way, and it sometimes succeeds because with subjective things like this our ears tend to tell us what we want to hear to justify the additional expenses ....

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    EDW, I agree totally. If instrument does sound good off the wall or after a string change, it does t come home with me!

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    Let's face it, anyone who's "optimistic" enough to pay that sort of money for some piece of juju pseudo-science is bound to say that it improved their instrument ... no-one's going to own up to being duped, are they?
    There are those who will wax lyrical about the ability to play a double shuffle with a split fan and a tight G-string ...
    it just makes me walk funny!

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    Previously I had been interested in a tonerite and had watched several videos. Here's a YouTube video in which measurements were taken before and after on a guitar

    The other video just demos with playing but with a ukulele
    Sopranos, Concerts, and Tenors including Baritone body at a Tenor Scale - 4 String, 5 String and 8 String :-)

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