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Thread: A Supergroup, what the ukulele community needs

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    The video of Mr. Pi'ikea Vasquez was what inspired my to buy my Godin......I cannot play the instrument to that level yet......but I can aspire.....and enjoy...I've enjoyed all the video's in this I enjoyed playing my Koaloha this evening and likely will plug in and turn it up tomorrow evening with the Godin.....the ukulele has a voice within the playable scale but also as varied as the makers and the players......

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    The video I posted earlier of Pure Heart was a re-union of the band Jake planned with in the late 90's. Jake has played in bands and has jammed with other musicians. I kinda doubt he would be interested in putting a uke based supergroup together. It won't have the commercial success of rock supergroups of the past. It would be a niche market. I could see Jake doing something similar to what Carlos Santana did with Supernatural years ago. Bring other artists from different genres together and record a really diverse album. Personally, I think that would be the way to go.


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    Pure Heart is/was a monster supergroup in Hawaiʻi. Did Nashville Sessions not count? I'm a little confused. Guess we're wishing for a specifically ROCK group?

    Think about it: did we have rock music before the electric guitar? Would we ever have gotten the Beatles or the Stones or TOOL or Lenny Kravitz if those guys were writing and performing on acoustic guitar? I doubt it. The sound would be completely different because THAT'S the instrument - it's limitations and advantages come with it.

    ʻUkulele is an acoustic instrument. It lends itself to Hawaiian and acoustic music. IN MY OPINION, anything else can very easily be a novelty. That said:

    ʻUkulele in Hawaiʻi is specifically NOT exciting or remarkable. That's why we have amazing music that utilizes the instrument in a musical context as-is. There's zero novelty because it's ordinary, like driving a Honda. If that's the instrument you play and you're in a band playing music that you love - great! Nobody really cares whether you play the uke or electric guitar to get your sounds.

    Anytime there's an ʻukulele-based *wish*, you end up with something like Beat-lele that comes across as a novelty. Don't get me wrong, they're really good, but I can't not think of them as a "you-ka-lay-lee" band because of what they do.

    FWIW, my buddies and I have a rock band called Kingside (two of us on uke). It's one of my favorite musical projects to play in and I think we're quite above average. But we rarely play anywhere because we're just another band as far as Hawaiʻi is concerned. If we wanted to market ourselves as a novelty ʻukulele band we could probably tour all over the world playing at ʻukulele festivals and make tons of money.

    I think most great players recognize this pitfall immediately and make the choice to play the most authentic music possible, NOT partake in a novelty band. Thus the lack of "supergroups."

    James Hill basically took the best stab at rock I've heard on the instrument with Old Silo. But because he didn't market himself as a novelty, I feel like he kind of got swept under the rug by the uke crowd. And to everyone else he was just another guy playing folk-rock music.

    Pick your poison: riches and fame playing what you think people (i.e. uke enthusiasts) WANT to hear or keep working the day job making the music YOU want? True, authentic talent that actually makes it big is so rare that I think it's hard to comprehend for people outside the industry.

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    I am not sure an ukulele super group would make it outside the Ukulele enthusiasts world, it could be fun to hear.
    It is quite peculiar that many of the most prominent i ukulele-heroes dont seem to sing. I wonder if they would in a band.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimosabe View Post
    A modest proposal: I was thinking about Jake and wondering what you would have if Jake were a member of a group.
    Quote Originally Posted by anthonyg View Post
    You know the problem with "Super" groups is that the members of these groups just end up hating each other due to personal and musical differences yet just stay together for the money.
    The first thing I thought of when I saw the title of this thread is a group made up of stars. I recently saw a documentary on The Highwaymen, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. One major point was how well they all got along because at the time they formed, they all had great success and weren't competing, they were just enjoying performing together.

    My group would be any four of Jake, Taimane, Daniel Ho, James Hill, Eddie Vedder, Jason Mraz, Kris Fushigami, Brittni Paiva.

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    George Harrison

    Roy Orbison

    Bob Dylan

    Jeff Lynne

    Tom Petty

    A Supergroup does not get any better than The Travelling Wilburys and not an ego in sight.

    A Uke Supergroup sadly would not be a worldwide Supergroup just a USA Supergroup.

    Jake came here to the UK this year and could not fill a small (1000 seat) Theatre never mind The Royal Albert Hall in fact three of his five planned shows ended up being cancelled.

    A Uke Revolution is needed before we can get to a proper Uke Supergroup, it is starting here in the UK since every major City and Town has active Uke Groups, there are three such groups where I live but sadly we are not in the Supergroup league but we are keen.
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    The Super Groups we think of were people of our time, playing the instruments of our time.

    Electric guitars & drum kits were what made our Super Groups; small jazz orchestras/bands made the Super Groups of a previous time; & before that, you had orchestras; so I think you need to think of when a uke is the instrument of the time, then you will find your uke Super Group.

    Personally, I don't see why people couldn't use solid body electric ukes instead of guitars in a group anyway, apart from not having the lower strings, but that's where the electric bass uke would fit.
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    I don't know any about super groups. I have been lately enjoying how nicely ukulele is taken in latin music genre. It suits there so well and players need not be jake or others superstars, just ordinary musicians that blend their playing so well into a song's context.

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    I want to see Taimane with Larkin Poe.

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