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Thread: NUD: Bonanza Oreo Thinline Baritone Uke

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    Default NUD: Bonanza Oreo Thinline Baritone Uke

    I just received my Baritone "Oreo" thinline uke from Bonanza Ukuleles. I chose one with a solid cherry front and back, with an aspen center section sandwiched between.

    The construction method Pete Mai employs for the Oreos is to rout and hollow both the top and back sections out of solid wood, and sandwich a matching strip of another wood between the two chambered sections. It's pretty innovative, and effective.

    I don't think any other maker is using this method, but I may be wrong. In any case, the result is a well-crafted, comfortable, nice-sounding uke, at a very attractive price point. Does it sound as good as a Kamaka? No, but there's nothing cheap about the workmanship or quality. And working with Pete and Shelley is a pleasure.

    Bonanza Ukulele offers many options and one can tailor an instrument to fit his/her needs at a fraction of the cost associated with most ukulele makers.

    As I mentioned briefly in a previous thread, you owe it to yourself to check them out. I've included a link to their website below, and attached a couple of pics to my Oreo as well. I, like a lot of you folks, have far too many ukuleles for my own good, in every price range, but I consider the Bonanza Oreo Thinline a very worthy addition to my small herd, and I'm glad I took the plunge. It is fun to play!
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    Nice! I also chose the cherry/aspen combo for my new Bonanzalele.
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    Congratulations to another Bonanza owner. I own a Bonanza Baritone as well, Black Walnut with Cherry.
    I honestly couldn’t be happier with the instrument.
    Pete and Shelley are just fabulous to work with.
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    Congrats! That’s a nice looking instrument.

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    Congrats we went a slightly different route with a baritone body but with a tenor scale.

    Happy strumming.
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    Good lookin' instrument. They are great sounding ukuleles. Surprising for the shallower depth of the body. But they are definitely full-throated.
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    Beautiful. Sound sample to make me super-jealous?

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    I have a cherry/walnut concert that I'm really happy with. I love the warm sound of the cherry although it isn't the loudest since i'm used to full bodied tenors and a baritone. What I've noticed over a few months is how often I want to pick it up, hold it and play. Good luck with your new bari.
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    Very nice looking instrument!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spicysteve View Post
    Congratulations to another Bonanza owner. I own a Bonanza Baritone as well, Black Walnut with Cherry.
    I honestly couldn’t be happier with the instrument.
    Pete and Shelley are just fabulous to work with.
    Ditto to all the above. In other words, I also have a Black Walnut + Cherry Bonanza Oreo Baritone. I've posted a bunch of videos playing it. If the OP wants I'd be happy to share one of those.

    And agreed about Pete and Shelley.

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