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Thread: Jon Anderson on uke

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    Default Jon Anderson on uke

    Browsing around, I came across this one. Jon Anderson (of the band Yes) playing the Beatles "Day in the Life"

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    Great performance! The first thing I did is to zoom in on the uke. It’s a Kala Makala MK-S and it’s interesting to see the non-ukulele focused artists seemingly always play with what we considered as entry level ukes. Madonna also plays an ukulele on stage as well. These ukuleles seem to do its job pretty well.
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    Pretty darn cool. What a great example of 1) how you can "make it happen" with just a uke and a voice; and 2) how nice it can sound just "micing up" the uke, as an alternative to "plugging it in". The older I get, I realize, the more I value simplicity!

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