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Thread: Ohana Sopranissimo neck replacement

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    Default Ohana Sopranissimo neck replacement

    Hello learnerd Luthiers.

    My last task was to shorten a Kala travel uke.

    Today I looked at the Ohana Sopranissimo that I have up for sale - Only reason I am selling is that I like to play std soprano scale.

    So my thought was would it be possible to remove the neck on the Sopranissimo and install a std Soprano scale neck? Making a Super Sopranissimo?

    How would I remove the existing neck without destroying the Uke?

    Any suggestions on what neck would fit well?

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    The way I see it, there are several things that are problematic with your ideas. Some thoughts below:


    Ohana sopranissimo above

    1) The whole purpose of the sopranissimo is to be a small ukulele. To make it into a soprano misses the point. If you want a soprano ukulele just buy or make one.
    2) The body size is designed for an 11 inch scale not a 13 inch soprano scale. Note how far back the bridge is.
    3) Removing an ukulele neck can be a real mess if you don't know what you doing. Don't go there.

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