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Thread: PhD Ukulele Creations Baritone Strings

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    Default PhD Ukulele Creations Baritone Strings

    PhD Strings -- Premium High Density 'Ukulele Strings
    PVDF, a polymer of higher molecular weight and density than nylon, produces superior volume, sustain and playability. Scientifically optimized by Jason Arimoto, PhD. Endorsed by six-time Grammy Award-winning 'ukulele artist and producer Daniel Ho.

    Has anyone tried these strings on a 20" scale length baritone?
    There a 2 different sets; GCEA and DGBE.
    Just looking for feedback regarding your experience with either or both sets? Thanks

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    Perspective of a relative neophyte to ukes: I've got GCEA on a pono mango baritone deluxe. I really love how it sounds with these strings. I have it for sale in the UU marketplace, but only because the neck is a bit large for me to manage. I think these are great strings though, sweet and mellow without being boomy. I tried 3 or 4 different strings sets on this uke before settling on these. I like their feel and texture too, not too high tension, and smooth when playing fingerstyle.

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    Yes, I have the PhD GCEA strings on a 50s solid Mahogany Harmony baritone. As Shanmoon said, the strings are sweet and mellow with nice projection. Tension feels nice under my fingers.

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