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Thread: WHy Oh WHy?

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    I had an Ohana TK-38 that was boomy with Aquilas. It was fine with Martin fluorocarbons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackLuis View Post
    I have tried several string sets, Aquila Whites, that it came with, Worth Browns, my standby DAdddario Fluorocarbons, Fremont blacks and they all boom.
    My Tenor is cedar topped and the concert is spruce, both solids. I might try fooling with the concert as it was only $150, but my Rosie is too beautiful to fool around with.
    Using a capo on the first fret helps a bit, but fretting the second fret gets it to stop booming.
    Perhaps I should just ignore it as Rosie sounds sweet and precise, and just learn to appreciate her like she is? Maybe she's telling me to start note picking an learning the staff?
    There really isnít much fooling around. As DownUpDave suggested, get a Thonastik CF 27. You can even try a Martin M620 E string (.0284) and use it for a C string. In my experience a thinner string drives the soundboard less than a thicker string with more tension. I have 2 ukuleles with the exact same booming issue playing open C, but not fretted notes on the C string. I use a thinner string. It feels a little loose compared to the others and I lose a bit of depth on the C string, but it balances it out quite nicely and really makes the ukes more playable.


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    Glad to hear that I'm not crazy.
    I was playing Rosie for a couple of days but put her back in the case yesterday as the booming gets to me. I have a few sets of takeoff strings, I'll try a E string as a C to check your suggestion. It just breaks my heart that after saving and making a significant investment in this fine first class Uke, that she turned out this way. That and being almost deaf in one ear and frequency deficient in the other that this happened. Fortunately the Uke is one instrument that I can really hear.

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