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Thread: Which uke would you like to try?

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    The big pono steel string baritone (UL4) ... sigh... Failing that any pono baritone as my longterm goal is to buy one.

    To try without any intention of buying i would love to try a Moonbird tenor or a Koaloha tenor (or even an opio).

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    I'm adding to my list a few sopranos
    The Romero Creations Mahogany Soprano - its 3 deep so may be uncomfortable for me to play. I found a Cali Pineapple uncomfortable with a bigger body to neck length. I tend to impinge my right forearm on the side of the ukulele but this could be technique?

    The Kinnard Spruce Soprano and long neck soprano

    And the latest Beau Hannam soprano.

    These are all deeper sounding sopranos.
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